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Announcement text[edit]

The story of the Ancient Order
Long, long time ago, way before the Old Kingdoms, when magic was as common as a loaf of bread for lunch, an Ancient Order ruled these lands.
It was comprised of the most powerful wizards and witches, conjuring the darkest spells and summoning the most horrifying creatures from other realms. Their powers varied with time, from dusk till dawn, and all day long. And so the harmony existed in their studies.
Their wisdom was lost in centuries, and nobody knows where apprentices of the Order have disappeared. Was it a natural disaster, a warfare or they evolved beyond human understanding. 
However, some lunatics today believe that few magicians enchanted their tokens, such as jewelry or even rocks, and that these artefacts still contain their power and can help anyone, who will apprehend them. 
A nice story for the kids, but would you actually believe such lunatics? :)