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The game starts with the player sending the /start commando to the ChatWarsBot. The bot greets the player and asks him to chose one of the seven castles. The choice is only changeable with the investment of real money, without this investment the choice is final. The names are:

  • Deer.pngDeerhorn Castle
  • Dragon.pngDragonscale Castle
  • Eagle.pngHighnest Castle
  • Moon.pngMoonlight Castle
  • Potato.pngPotato Castle
  • Rampart.pngRampart Castle
  • Shark.pngSharkteeth Castle
  • Tortuga.png Tortuga Castle
  • Wolf.pngWolfpack Castle

it is important to remove the space between the emoticon and the name and everything has to be written correctly to work out. Only sending the emoticon is not enough.

Beginning of the game


Starting with 0 Experience.png experience, the first steps should lead to the quest Forest.png Forest. The player will be rewarded with gold Gold.png, experience Experience.png and some resources Stock.png that will be important in the later parts of the game. Every quest uses some Stamina, of which every player starts with a maximum of 5, regenerating 1 per hour.


After doing some quests, the next checkpoint is acquiring some equipment. As everyone starts with 10 Gold.png Gold and after playing some quests, this is enough gold to buy:

To do this, go to the shop in the castle: to be found in the Castle.png Castle and check the different categories of gear. Besides the 6 different item slots just mentioned, every player can also have a cape. This can be acquired as follows. When typing /me or pressing the button "Me", an overview about the players state in terms of gold, experience, level and equipment is shown. On the top of the message is a short notice:

Exclamationmark.png Please report to your captain in the castle chat. The password is ZOM ODO. 

Joining the linked castle chat and typing out those letters given in the password awards the player with a cape, that can be equipped next to all standard equipment.

Earned: Royal Guard Cape. Check /inv to wear it.

Continuing to level

The next steps include going to the Forest to level up. More features unlock at different, higher levels, like exchange of resources, auctions, arena fights, other quest types, classes... All castles have some sort of academy - a place, organized by players - to learn the details of the game and a place to ask for help. The castle chat (the one that was joined for the Royal Guard Cape) is the place to ask for an academy.