Wooden Sword

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The Wooden Sword is a Weapon of the type Sword.


Essentially a stick, the wooden baton like weapon is cut and sanded down, with a smooth handle, no hilt, and a 3 foot blade… of curved wood. Mostly for training, it can do blunt damage against an unarmored foe.


Properties of Wooden Sword
Identifier code w01
Type Weapon, Sword, T0 (No Expertise)
Weight 180
Depositable in Guild (needed Wrapping) yes (1)
Event item no
Craftable no
Tradeable (Auction) no
Shop prices (buy / sell) 3link={{{link}}} / 0link={{{link}}}
Attribute Value
Attack +1 link={{{link}}}
Defense +0 link={{{link}}}
Mana +0 link={{{link}}}
Skill Sword Mastery
Level Requirement 0
Enchantment Slot no