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The Trade Union Event 2019 was an event that started with the May 18th game update. During the event, it was possible to find Basket.png Artisan Goods in quests when equipped with a Vague Bell. Artisan Goods could be exchanged by /tu_goodies for Boxes of Supplies. Furthermore, there were so-called Trade Unions which can be formed and joined that gave a steady supply of Artisan Goods. 4 hours after the normal Battle of the Seven Castles, union wars would take place. Other unions or NPC-held fairs could be attacked.

Finding Items in quests

To find Artisan Goods in quests, a player had to equip a Vague Bell before going to quests in Forest, Swamp or Valley. A bell could be crafted for 250 Gold.png with /tu_bell and then equipped with /bind_e155 followed by /on_e155. The bell used the jar-equipment slot. Between 0 and 2 Artisan Goods were rewarded for successful quests.

After a quest, a foray-style message can appear:

You were strolling around jingling your bell when you noticed a Havertawa Waters fair. It might be a good idea to /tu_atk p97tQj and claim it for your own glory while no one is watching.

This informed the players about the existence of the Circustent.png fairs to claim and does not necessarily mean the mentioned fair is unclaimed. Using the given code set the player to attack this specific fair in the next union battle. For more information about the fairs, see below in the section about trade unions.

Trade Unions

Form/Join a Trade Union

A House.png trade union could be created with /tu_form and 500 Gold.png and joined by /tu_join_ID and 250 Gold.png. An overview of the personal union can be seen with /tu_view. If the union held over 42 members for at least 10 hours, a steady supply of Artisan Goods was given to the members every hour. The current rate can be seen in the overview of the union. It looks like:

Active (+170 Basket.png/h)

This is divided by the number of players in the union. Holding Circustent.png fairs from npcs increases the rate by 50 per fair.

With /tu_unions it's possible to see a list of active unions and their fairs, like here:

House.png Bleak Wolf /tu_view_lPmA7f
 β”œ Circustent.png Havertawa Waters p97tQj
 β”” Circustent.png Cochmond Slopes jBvzYU
House.png Jumbo Swordsman /tu_view_gblFxX
 β”” Circustent.png Tossing Polder DY2j42
House.png Broken Volcano /tu_view_rDnSrX
House.png Bleak Whisper /tu_view_AWq6hc
House.png Happy Watchdog /tu_view_jVIFPz
 β”œ Circustent.png Neuburns Woods MEXiJe
 β”œ Circustent.png Apple Wood S4IzoO
 β”œ Circustent.png Narrow Wood S52Dyh
 β”” Circustent.png Middlehill KLtiuM
House.png Cuddly Witch /tu_view_VtB5dw
House.png Shiny King /tu_view_sK1ExA
 β”œ Circustent.png Yearning Bog NHJcaO
 β”” Circustent.png Misty Basin KyBpNl
House.png Eager Robin /tu_view_RIPzMR
 β”” Circustent.png Scarsshire Tops 4MR636
House.png Reckless Grandma /tu_view_XLUEQK
 β”” Circustent.png Spectacular Covert jgm2v8
House.png Loving Wrangler /tu_view_hX26aw
House.png Early Walker /tu_view_h5iCIq
 β”œ Circustent.png Pensea Cove AGeDZR
 β”” Circustent.png Withered Tips QKRMnD
House.png Crisp Lyric /tu_view_dXpErn
 β”œ Circustent.png Langtawa Rise zXX0NX
 β”” Circustent.png Biengrave Marsh mPjVIU

Trade Union Battles

Every 8 hours, there are union battles. Those take place at 3AM, 11AM, 19PM UTC - so four hours after the regular Battle of the Seven Castles. Every player has the following options:

  • Attack an enemy House.png union
  • Defend the own House.png union
  • Attack an enemy/unclaimed Circustent.png fair
  • Defend own Circustent.png fairs

Successful raids on other unions gave Artisan Goods, while the losses on the personal site when breached were high. Defending or attacking fairs is good to keep up the hourly rate of goods for one's own union. If a claimed fair was attacked successfully, its owner was changed to the attacking union with the highest attack stat. Most unions have extra chats for the union members to coordinate the battles.

The battle mechanics for the trade unions were similar to the guild wars. Total incoming attack vs Total left defence. But the loot gain was based on incoming parties to one union.

Example: Union A was getting attacked by Union B and C. Unions B and C would each get 50% of the dropped loot. This value never was affected by the attack stats of the attacker and so it's union.


Exchanging Items

30 Artisan Goods could be exchanged at a cost of 50 Gold.png by /tu_goodies for Small Box of Supplies, 100 for Large Box of Supplies. The command always assumed the highest possible amount of goods would be taken.

Item Costs Use Command Result
Small Box of Supplies 30 Basket.png, 50 Gold.png /use_sab * Crimson murky potion
* Azure murky potion
* basic resources
* Scroll of Engraving
Medium Box of Supplies 75 Basket.png, 50 Gold.png /use_mab
Large Box of Supplies 100 Basket.png, 50 Gold.png /use_lab * Scrolls of Rage
* Scroll of Peace
* Crimson murky potion
* Azure murky potion
* Scrolls of Engraving
* Bottle of Mana
* basic resources
* Chocolate.png Chocolate
* Grey murky potion

The Azure and Crimson potions from the boxes gave a random Skill for 4 hours. The Grey murky potion gave a random Skill for 8 hours.

Event related commands

  • /tu_form to create a House.png union
  • /tu_join_ID to join a House.png union
  • /tu_expire to expire a House.png union's join code
  • /tu_kick_ID to kick a member from a union
  • /tu_bell to craft a bell
  • /tu_view to view the own union's overview
  • /tu_view_ID to view a union's overview
  • /tu_list_p1 to view the members of the union
  • /tu_atk ID to attack a House.png union or Circustent.png fair
  • /tu_def to defend own House.png union
  • /tu_def ID to defend a Circustent.png fair
  • /tu_report to see the union's last battle report
  • /tu_unions to get an overview over all active House.png unions
  • /tu_top to get an overview over all House.png unions income
  • /tu_goodies to redeem Artisan Goods for Small or Large Boxes of Supplies.