Monster Hunt 2018

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The Monster Hunt 2018 is an event that started on July 12th, 2018. During the event, it is possible to meet and fight different types of monsters after finishing quests in Forest.png Forest. There are five types of monsters: Zombie, Witch, Vampire, Demon and Werewolf. Succesfully defeating a monster rewards 1 Ichor. This can be traded at the Scientist that appears in the different castles from time to time. One ichor is rewarded with one Hunter Kit and the possible chance of a Zombie Box or Zombie Chest. The hunter kits contain materials to fight the monsters and give better chances to win the fights.

Fighting the monsters

All supporting materials from the Hunter Kits are found in Misc.png Misc and are used like potions. They have a base duration of 8min that can be increased with the skill Rare Mutation. The items cannot be consumed after finishing the quest when the message appears that shows the type of the monster, it has to be used before starting the quest. This may waste the items, if no monster appears or monsters of the incorrect type. It is possible to use all five different items at once. The following table shows which item is used against which type of monster.

Monster type Support item from hunter kit
Zombie Accuracy Pill
Witch Vial of Defiance
Vampire Garlic Stew
Demon Holy Water
Werewolf Silver Blood