Steel Dagger

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The Steel Dagger is a Weapon of the type Dagger.


Your first true dueling knife, how cute. Regular iron ore is smelted at a high temperature and all impurities are 'baked' away, and carbon is added to make steel. A golden/brass hilt with a small cross guard is wrapped with a small amount of cord for grip, and put together before forged into place. Voila, your sidearm is ready for combat!


Properties of Steel Dagger
Identifier code w15
Type Weapon, Dagger, T0 (No Expertise)
Weight 180
Depositable in Guild (needed Wrapping) yes (1)
Event item no
Craftable no
Tradeable (Auction) no
Shop prices (buy / sell) 103link={{{link}}} / 30link={{{link}}}
Attribute Value
Attack +3 link={{{link}}}
Defense +0 link={{{link}}}
Mana +0 link={{{link}}}
Skill Dagger Mastery
Level Requirement 0
Enchantment Slot no