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The skill Quality Craft is an advanced skill for Blacksmiths and unlocks at level 50. It allows the Blacksmith to craft enhanced versions of a specific item.


In-game description: Using your amazing expertise in crafting specific items, you can now craft them better than other blacksmiths. But real mastery is only for those who are determined. You will inevitably lose your skill in one gear while advancing another.


In-game effect description: Advancing this skill improves your learning curve and increases the chance to craft a higher quality gear.

Crafting items of the same category, like e.g. Boots, will increase the blacksmith's specialization in that category. Higher specialization increases the chance to craft enhanced items. Those enhanced items have an ID with a letter at the end, for example w39e for an enhanced Composite Bow with +1 Attack.png, +1 Defend.png compared to normal Composite Bows. Items that have Mana on them also gain additional +5 Mana.png per quality level.

Quality Item ID suffix Bonus stats Bonus mana Quality Craft level
Fine e +1 Attack.png, +1 Defend.png +5 Mana.png QC1, QC2, QC3, QC4, QC5
High d +2 Attack.png, +2 Defend.png +10 Mana.png QC1, QC2, QC3, QC4, QC5
Great c +3 Attack.png, +3 Defend.png +15 Mana.png QC2, QC3, QC4, QC5
Excellent b +4 Attack.png, +4 Defend.png +20 Mana.png QC3, QC4, QC5
Masterpiece a +5 Attack.png, +5 Defend.png +25 Mana.png QC4, QC5
Epic Fine se +6 Attack.png, +6 Defend.png +30 Mana.png Interweave 3 A-grade
Epic High sd +7 Attack.png, +7 Defend.png +35 Mana.png Interweave 3 SE-grade

Skill caps

Every level of the Quality Craft skill (QC) allows Blacksmiths the creation of the higher grades of quality gear.

Quality grade
BS level Skill level e d c b a
50 QC1 + + - - -
55 QC2 + + + - -
60 QC3 + + + + -
65 QC4 + + + + +
70 QC5 + + + + +
75 QC6 + + + + +

Upgrading Quality

Next to normal crafting at a guru, there are two mechanics to acquire improved quality gear:

Alchemists with Alchemy 5 or greater can interweave three items of the same quality into one item, with one quality level higher.
Three E Quality gears of the same type can be merged into one D Quality.
Three A Quality can be interweaved into one SE Quality.
The gear does not need to have a clean item code.

Forge Buff (Guild Alliance Object):
Activating the Mountain Forge Buff may result into raising the skill level of Quality Craft and the chance of successfully crafting a quality item for 24 hours.
Additionally, the Quality Craft itself can be improved by a certain chance as well. If the item craft results into A-Quality, the forge buff can enhance the quality by one step and therefore 'SE'-Quality can be crafted directly from a Guru's shop.

Forge Buff Bonus
Quality Craft Level +1 +2 +3
Chance On Quality
+5 % +10 % +15 %

Example of an active forge buff:

Inspired by mastery ⏰6h41m
└Quality Craft ↑1
└Quality improvement chance ↑5