Mithril Dagger

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The Mithril Dagger is a Weapon of the type Dagger.


Properties of Mithril Dagger
Identifier code w17
Type Weapon, Dagger, T1 (link={{{link}}})
Weight 180
Depositable in Guild (needed Wrapping) yes (1)
Event item no
Craftable no
Tradeable (Auction) yes
Shop prices (buy / sell) 498link={{{link}}} / 149link={{{link}}}
Attribute Value
Attack +7 link={{{link}}}
Defense +0 link={{{link}}}
Mana +0 link={{{link}}}
Skill Dagger Mastery
Level Requirement 15 (link={{{link}}})
Enchantment Slot yes (link={{{link}}})