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Jewellery were added over different steps into the game, the first possibility was to get them as seasonal reward (boosts maximum hp of characters), the second possibility was added in October 2019 as reward for champion hunts. The third possibility to get them was added with Guild Alliance as drop from Ruins (March 2020). Since January 2021 they can also be found in Eventboxes. Totems were added in August 2022 with the Fruit Festival Event.


There are two different types of jewellery which can be worn on two different inventory slots: Amulets and Rings.
Totems don't need to be equipped, they just need to be unpacked in the bag to give theire bonus. Only one totem can give bonus at a time (if more than one totem is unpacked no totem gives a bonus).

Besides the two different slots theire properties are the same (levels, possible boni,...)
Jewellery and Totems can only be worn when the player reached the level of the object.

Identify jewellery and totems

Jewellery/totems are dropped as unidentified object with a level attached. Starting with level 20 in steps of 5 levels till level 75

jr1 Unidentified ring lvl.20

An unidentified jewellery is not wearable and needs to be identified first. Therefore Scrolls of Definition needs to be used. After identification the resulting jewellery is named "mystery xxx" and has a level between three level below and two level above the unidentified object level (Unidentified ring lvl.20 -> Mystery ring lvl.18-23).

Scroll of
minimum level
maximum level
20 ja1 jr1 ttm1 Book-red.png 20 22
25 ja2 jr2 ttm2 Book-green.png 22 27
30 ja3 jr3 ttm3 Book-green.png 27 32
35 ja4 jr4 ttm4 Book-blue.png 32 37
40 ja5 jr5 ttm5 Book-blue.png 37 42
45 ja6 jr6 ttm6 Bookorange.png 42 47
50 ja7 jr7 ttm7 Bookorange.png 47 52
55 ja8 jr8 ttm8 Bookorange.png 52 57
60 ja9 jr9 ttm9 Bookorange.png 57 62
65 ja10 jr10 ttm10 Bookorange.png 62 67
70 ja11 jr11 ttm11 Yellowpages.png 67 72
75 ja12 jr12 ttm12 Yellowpages.png 72 77

The resulting object has one, two or three lines with effects, the number of lines is not dependent on the level of the unidentified object but the strength of the effects.

Rings and Amulets

Rings and Amulets could have following effects:

  • HP - only without class
  • Mana - only without class
  • Atk%↑ - only with specific class
  • Def%↑ - only with specific class
  • Atk↑ - with and without class
  • Def↑ - with and without class
  • Atk↑, Def↓ - with and without class
  • Atk↓, Def↑ - with and without class


Totems always bring bonus skill levels for one or more specific classes and could also give extra HP or Mana for that class, the name of the favored class is in the Totem name:

Name Class
Adall Knight
Aion Alchemist
Gesmera Collector
Nezemis Sentinel
Qutar Berserker
Thohena Nobel
Yaris Blacksmith
Zaara Ranger

Totems could have following skills:

  • Agile Soldier
  • All That Glitters
  • Blunt Mastery
  • Bow Mastery
  • Critical hit!
  • Dagger Mastery
  • Enduring Shieldbearer
  • Gifted Pathfinder
  • Heavy Armor Mastery
  • Light Armor Mastery
  • Look! A coin!
  • Lucky Defender!
  • Muscles, not Brains
  • Natural Talent
  • Raider
  • Robe Armor Mastery
  • Shield Mastery
  • Spear Mastery
  • Sword Mastery


There are two ways to modify Jewellery and Totems: rerolling items with force or chaos stones to reshape items at random and extracting effects to add them to oder items.


Force Stone

Rerolling with force stones wont change the type of effects an object have but rerolls the strength of the effects.

Item: Mystery ring lvl.52
  Stock.png Def↑: 15.50
  Ranger.png Atk%↑: 6
Reroll complete!
Item: Mystery ring lvl.52
  Stock.png Def↑: 16.85
  Ranger.png Atk%↑: 6

Chaos Stone

With a chaos stone the types of effects and their strength will be rerolled, the number of lines stays the same.

Item: Mystery ring lvl.52
  Stock.png Def↑: 15.50
  Ranger.png Atk%↑: 6
Reroll complete!
Item: Mystery ring lvl.52
  Noble.png Atk↑: 16.85
  Atk↓ Def↑: -11.83 11.83


With extraction stones the effects of all lines of an object will be extracted into a Jar.png Jar of Powers with the same level of the object, it also have the exact same number of lines like the original object. An extraction also have to possibility to fail, the object and extraction stone is lost than.

The Jars of Powers can combined with an other object of the same level or higher. One Object can accumulate up to three lines of effects, there is no possibility to get rid of single lines of an object or Jar of Power. It is not possible to extract effects of a three line object because there is no possibility to add it to another one. Jars of Power extracted from rings can be used on amulets as well and vice versa, Jars of Power extracted from totems can only combined with other totems.

Tier of
extraction stone
code object
min level
max level
Book-red.png ex1 20 22
Book-green.png ex2 22 32
Book-blue.png ex3 32 42
Bookorange.png ex4 42 57
Yellowpages.png ex5 57 77

The extraction stone necessary at the end/beginning of a tier is depended on the original unidentified object. A level 22 ring made from an unidentified ring level 20 needs a red extraction stone and made from an unidentified ring level 25 needs a green extraction stone.

You can extract power from the following items:
Mystery amulet lvl.57
  Mana: 182.39
  Atk↑ Def↓: 13.86 -13.86
/extract_u0001_ex5 62% 
Extraction successful!
Earned:  Jar.pngJar of Powers lvl.57  Atk↑ Def↓: 13.86 -13.86
Lost: Mystery amulet lvl.57

there is also the possibility that the extraction fails:

Extraction failed!
Lost: Yellowpages.png Extraction Stone
Lost: Mystery amulet lvl.57
Earned: Powder

After extracting one can add a Jar of Power to another object:

You can insert power [ Atk↑ Def↓: 13.86 -13.86] to the following items:
Mystery amulet lvl.58
  Attack.png Atk↓ Def↑: -17.34 17.34
  Mana: 177.41

Mystery amulet lvl.75
 Ranger.png Atk↑ Def↓: 28.07 -28.07
 Mana: 233.22
The operation was a success!
Earned: Mystery amulet lvl.58
  Attack.png Atk↓ Def↑: -17.34 17.34
  Mana: 177.41
  Atk↑ Def↓: 13.86 -13.86
Lost:  Jar.png Jar of Powers lvl.52  Atk↑ Def↓: 13.86 -13.86