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Valentine's Cards are historical items from the event Valentines Day 2018. Those cards are on of the possible rewards from consuming cakes. The player can use the Valentine's Card and send another player a special and customized message. This is only possible during the time of the event.


Sending Valentine's Card

To send a Valentine's card, use the following command:

/use_vc {user id} {text}

For example:

/use_vc 1001 You're beautiful!

You must know receiver's user id in order to send the card. You can find it by sending any of his/her messages to @ForwardInfoBot.

Reading Valentine's Card

When the receiver receives the Valentine's Card, it will be stored as Signed V. Card in the Misc.pngmisc section of the inventory. This item will not disappear after reading it.

To read a Signed V. Card, player has to click on the /view_u10X command.

Upon opening the signed V. Card, it will show the message sent by the sender. For example:

💝You picked up the card, the note on the back says: