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Wolvix, a wolf knight of the Wolf.png Paws.png Wolfpack Castle. Feel free to contact me in Telegram: @Wolvix.

Too late to retire, not going to retire anymore. Main focus in this wiki now: Master List of Item Codes.

About Me


Also known as:

- Вулвикс

- Lone Wolf Knight

- Wolfguin

- Wolvuwu

- Wolviks

- Wuffix/Wilux/Wolfrix/Wolfix/Wolbic/slvix/wlivx/vilox/penolf/pelf

Stats & Equipment

Stats & Equipment

Guild.pngGuild: [DW]
Level.pngLevel: 47
Attack.pngAtk: 238 Defend.pngDef: 126

Equipment.pngEquipment +63 Attack.png  +56 Defend.png:
Champion Sword +31 Attack.png 
Enchantment.png+5 Mithril dagger +12 Attack.png 
Hunter Helmet +5 Attack.png  +11 Defend.png 
Crusader Gauntlets +4 Attack.png  +12 Defend.png 
Enchantment.png+4 Hunter Armor +8 Attack.png  +22 Defend.png
Order Boots +2 Attack.png  +10 Defend.png 
Royal Guard Cape +1 Attack.png  +1 Defend.png 

Last Updated: 19 August 2018


Status Job Remarks
Current Wolfpack Castle knight
Ex White Fang squad member
Current DireWolves squad member
Ex ChatWars Werewolf player
Ex Penguin Castle member /ave_happyfeet
Ex CWNN channel news reporter
Ex White Wolf School teacher 2018.06.07 bored of teaching
Current EuCW Wiki editor Also managing wiki feedback bot
Ex ITHOB news reporter Quit because of some unexpected event
Retired DireWolves squad leader nominee Surrendered poll due to big margin win :)
Current DireWolves guild member
Retired DireWolves arena tournament team leader Team dissolved due to end of tournament
Ex CW3 Dawn Castle member Quit game
Ex Rose from the Dead squad member CW3 Dawn Castle english squad
Ex CW Stock Talk channel Quality Checker Just checking for mistakes. Unable to post :(

Random Stuff (Nothing to see)

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Master List of Item Codes & Weight
Item Code|- 01

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