Moonlight Castle

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Moonlight Castle is one of the great seven castles in this game. Residents of said Castle are commonly referred to as Moonians or Moonies and the castle is represented by the moon symbol; Moon.png.

It is currently the Castle with the lowest population (about 230 members)[as of 2019-07-08].

Moonlight Castle is currently allied with Potato Castle in the current Year of the Taurus.


From the valley we learned that in the past days long ago, different castles fought these grounds. It is believed that Moonlight Castle was built by the descendants of these brave warriors. Some say that ancient and rich merchants live in this castle. All attempts to communicate with them prove to be futile due to their strange language.

Moonlight is a cursed castle. Due to their ancestral knowledge they are limited from gaining new recruits.They are the only castle that currently[as of 2018-06-11] do not provide any earlooms.

Their ranks consist of players from the Russian version of Chat Wars (@ChatWarsBot) and a significant number of people who bought a passport from the stranger in the tavern. Management of the Castle were first selected though an electoral program and eventually some were handpicked to lead the castle. It is from here that the first Generals, Moon Kings and Moon Queens were born.


December 2017 to October 2018 (Reign of the 4 Great Generals):

  • Hibiraim (Not Moon King)
  • Greenleaf (Vadim)
  • llerien (llerien)
  • Dasha (Dasha)

28th October 2018 to February 2019 (First Moon King and Moon Queen of Moonlight Castle):

  • Stefani (Moon Queen Dyah)
  • Misha (Moon King Dymok)

February 2019 to now

  • Rachel (Moon Queen Rachel)
  • Adri (Mooning Queen Adri)
  • Tarkus (Moon King Tarkus)

Meme King (Present)

  • Yuri Ni (Gray Cardinal)

Battle cry

/dymok_s_dr -'Not as a battle cry, but... a once a day prayer, or thanks, from a higher up.'- George’s World Tour [1]

/ave_queen_dyah -A victory cry and prayer of thanks to the higher powers.

/vo_vsem_vinovat_vadim -"Always Blame Vadim" A popular spam that pops out when things break down in Moonlight Castle. Apparently this originated from during the reign of the 4 great generals and used for whenever things don't go according to plan or breaks down.

/o_volna -"Wave Hello" Another common spam that is done when someone new joins the Castle.

/moon_stronk -Victory cry.

/ave_shittato -When all things go wrong, this battlecry is heard.

Notable Channels

Not a Moon Riot -All things Chat Wars related, including latest updates and events.

Voice of Moon -Official Moonlight Castle Channel

Mooning in the Deep -Unofficial Moonlight Castle Channel

Famous Quotes

1. '... These d***s didn't write about me (@hibiraim) because I wasn't really planning anything for a long time, but still I was your not a king, have fun :)' - Hibiraim (Not a Moon King), quoted from VoiceofMoon, 28th October.

2. '...meow' -eiriDir 2019

3.' I guess I'll always be' -Yuri Ni commenting on the record number of times he has gotten mistaken to be moon king.