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Mana Mana.png is only available to Master classes. It is used by them in varying amounts for any kind of crafting.

Mana Pool

The maximum amount rises by 10 mana per level, blacksmiths also have the skill Natural Talent which increases the maximum mana per skill level.

Mana Regeneration

The base regeneration rate of Mana depends on the maximum amount a player has. A player can also consume a Vial, Potion or Bottle of Mana to supplement their mana regeneration rate.

Mana Pool Regeneration Rate
<500 1 Mana per minute
500-749 2 Mana per minute
750-999 3 Mana per minute
1000-1249 4 Mana per minute
1250-1499 5 Mana per minute
1500-1749 6 Mana per minute
1750-1999 7 Mana per minute
2000-2249 8 Mana per minute
Potion Regeneration Rate
Vial +1 Mana per minute
Potion +2 Mana per minute
Bottle +3 Mana per minute