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Warrior of Wolfpack castle and the Master of Code - he's responsible for the mess that is Template:RecipeRow, Template:SkillRow, Template:InfoOverview as well as the sub-templates Template:ItemPropertiesInfoBox / Template:ResourcePropertiesInfoBox / Template:Consumable_AmmunitionPropertiesInfoBox, many of the dynamically generated content like the Usage lists (Template:UsageList & Template:UsageListRow) of a resource/item/part in other recipes & Set Overview Pages (eg: Hunter Armor Set, Light Armor) and parts of the underlying property system. Also added a bunch of parameters to many pages, though mostly for testing the code of aforementioned templates. Is also responsible for large portions of the first iteration of the Class Skill caps (predominantely Esquire caps). Made helper template Template:PageLink_to_Name for converting a page link as given by #ask to a plain text version with just the name.

Rumors are that he's a bot.


He rides into battle on his noble steed "sudo"


Token of appreciation

Thank you for your work on the wiki and the game! -- GrumpyGecko Wolf.png Collector, 19:11, 15 February 2019 (CET)