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Info: RecipeInfobox
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Chatcommand Unknown craft skill encountered!
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The template is used to create a table with an overview for crafting/brewing recipes. The template can be used in two modes:

  • No arguments: Using the template results in a table on the right hand side of the page, text wrapping around. It is advised to put that template directly in the beginning of a page to get the recipe as infobox.
  • Using arguments: possible arguments are source, align and collapsible. source defines which page the template should fetch the recipe from (default {{PAGENAME}}); alignment defines to where the table should be aligned (default: right); collapsible makes the table collapse (collapsed per default) with an [Expand]/[Collapse] button (default: empty, use "true" for activating). While the arguments can be mixed however you want (for example to just show the recipe of page X on page Y), but they have been made to be used in the Usage lists (Template:UsageList & Template:UsageListRow). There the template gets the arguments source=$AllItemPagesUsingThatResource (several {{PAGENAME}}), align=left, collapsible=true.