Picky Eater

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The skill Picky Eater is an advanced skill for collectors and unlocks at level 50. It rejects certain resources from quests for the increased possibility of others.


In-game description: You are a bit picky when it comes to your loot, aren't you? Try /use_pe.


In-game effect description: Advancing this skill increases the number of resources you can afford to ignore in favour of other..

Using /use_pe r ID rejects the resource with the corresponding ID from the droptables. To allow a rejected resource again (referred to as Uncordoning in game), use /use_pe a ID

The overview can look like this:

07 Powder
10 Silver ore
08 Iron ore

use /use_pe a[llow] (item code) to uncordon resource
use /use_pe r[eject] (item code) to reject resource

Skill caps

Level Number of rejectable resources Player level unlock
1 2 50
2 2 55
3 3 60
4 3 65