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Because the game does not provide clear defined names for different tiers of items and resources. The Wiki team decided on the nomenclature detailed in this page for them.


Equipment names depend on the Expertise that is needed to equip them. For better readability and compatibility with chats that do not support emoticons the actual image of the Expertise cannot be used.

Name Label Crafting level Description
Tier 0 T0 / Shop bought items that have no requirement to be equipped
Tier 1 T1 / Items that require the Book-red.pngExpertise to be used, also bought in shop, though auction sales are common as well
Tier 2 T2 C3 Items that require the Book-green.pngExpertise to be used, exclusively bought in auction or crafted at blacksmith shops.
Tier 3 T3 C4* Items that require the Book-blue.pngExpertise to be used. Presumably auction/blacksmith shop only. Not released yet.
Tier 4 T4 C5* Items that require the Bookorange.pngExpertise to be used. Presumably auction/blacksmith shop only. Not released yet.

Alternatively they can also be called "Red Tier", "Green Tier",... equipment, but for purposes of consistency this wiki will adhere to the numbered tiers.

Crafting levels C4 and C5 are not confirmed, as those items are not released yet.


Name Label Description
Rank 0 C0 Found in quests, does not require Crafting (Skill)
Rank 0a C0a cannot be found in quests, does not require Crafting (Skill)
Rank 1 C1 Requires Crafting (Skill) 1
Rank 2 C2 Requires Crafting (Skill) 2
Rank 3 C3 Requires Crafting (Skill) 3

Alchemy Resource

Name Label Description
Alchemist Tier 1 A1 or H1 Brewed with alchemy level 1, requires Harvest 1 to find all ingredients
Alchemist Tier 2 A2 or H3 Brewed with alchemy level 2, requires Harvest 3 to find some ingredients
Alchemist Tier 3 A3 or H7 Brewed with alchemy level 3, requires Harvest 7 to find some ingredients, and alchemy level 2 to brew some ingredients