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  |mainlabel=Item Name
  |mainlabel=Item Name

Latest revision as of 18:14, 13 February 2020

This page contains a master list of item code for all the items in the game.

Automated List

Item NameItemIDWeightType
Iron Ore082Resource
Silver Ore102Resource
Pouch of Gold1000Misc
Magic Stone131Resource
Wooden Shaft141Resource
Bone Powder211Resource
Purified Powder241Resource
Silver Alloy253Resource
Steel Mold272Resource
Silver Mold282Resource
Blacksmith Frame293Resource
Artisan Frame303Resource
Silver Frame322Resource
Metal Plate332Resource
Metallic Fiber342Resource
Crafted Leather351Resource
Quality Cloth362Resource
Blacksmith Mold373Resource
Artisan Mold383Resource
Stinky Sumac391Resource
Mercy Sassafras401Resource
Cliff Rue411Resource
Love Creeper421Resource
Wolf Root431Resource
Swamp Lavender441Resource
White Blossom451Resource
Storm Hyssop481Resource
Cave Garlic491Resource
Yellow Seed501Resource
Wooden Arrow50410Consumable
Wooden Arrows Pack50510Misc
Bottle of Remedy506Consumable
Remedy Pack507Misc
Bottle of Poison508Consumable
Poison Pack509Misc
Steel Arrow51010Consumable
Steel Arrows Pack51110Misc
Silver Arrow51210Consumable
Silver Arrows Pack51310Misc
Broad Arrow514Consumable
Broad Arrows Pack515Misc
Heavy Arrow51610Consumable
Heavy Arrows Pack517Misc
Compound Arrow518Consumable
Compound Arrows Pack519Misc
Spring Bay Leaf521Resource
Ash Rosemary531Resource
Sanguine Parsley541Resource
Sun Tarragon551Resource
Dragon Seed571Resource
Queen's Pepper581Resource
Plasma of Abyss591Resource
Ultramarine Dust601Resource
Ethereal Bone611Resource
Gift Coupon: Pig614Misc
Gift Coupon: Horse6151Misc
Gift Coupon: Owl616Misc
Gift Coupon: Mouse6171Misc
Hay618Pet Food
Corn619Pet Food
Hamsters620Pet Food
Cheese621Pet Food
Gift Coupon: Gopher622Misc
Gift Coupon: Ant6231Misc
Gift Coupon: Spider6241Misc
Gift Coupon: Haunted6251Misc
Gift Coupon: Camel6261Misc
Assassin Vine631Resource
Resurrection Mix6361Misc
Flammia Nut661Resource
Mammoth Dill681Resource
Silver Dust691Resource
Cloth Jacketa01Protective Gear
Leather Shirta02Protective Gear
Chain Maila03Protective Gear
Silver Cuirassa04Protective Gear
Mithril Armora05450Protective Gear
Hata06Protective Gear
Leather Hooda07Protective Gear
Steel Helmeta08Protective Gear
Silver Helmeta09Protective Gear
Mithril Helmeta10190Protective Gear
Assault Capea100Cape
Craftsman Aprona10150Cape
Stoneskin Cloaka102Cape
Sandalsa11Protective Gear
Leather Shoesa12Protective Gear
Steel Bootsa13Protective Gear
Silver Bootsa14Protective Gear
Mithril Bootsa15125Protective Gear
Gloves (Item)a16Protective Gear
Leather Glovesa17Protective Gear
Steel Gauntletsa18Protective Gear
Silver Gauntletsa19Protective Gear
Mithril Gauntletsa20125Protective Gear
Wooden Shielda21Weapon
Skeleton Bucklera22Weapon
Bronze Shielda23Weapon
Silver Shielda24Weapon
Mithril Shielda25Weapon
Royal Guard Capea26Cape
Order Armora27450Protective Gear
Order Helmeta28190Protective Gear
Order Bootsa29125Protective Gear
Order Gauntletsa30125Protective Gear
Order Shielda31Weapon
Hunter Armora32450Protective Gear
Hunter Helmeta33190Protective Gear
Hunter Bootsa34Protective Gear
Hunter Glovesa35Protective Gear
Clarity Robea36450Protective Gear
Clarity Circleta37190Protective Gear
Clarity Shoesa38125Protective Gear
Clarity Bracersa39125Protective Gear
Pencil of Trutha4010Special Equippable
Bard's Capea41Cape
Crusader Armora45Protective Gear
Crusader Helmeta46Protective Gear
Crusader Bootsa47140Protective Gear
Crusader Gauntletsa48140Protective Gear
Crusader Shielda49200Weapon
Royal Armora50480Protective Gear
Royal Helmeta51Protective Gear
Royal Bootsa52Protective Gear
Royal Gauntletsa53140Protective Gear
Royal Shielda54200Weapon
Ghost Armora55480Protective Gear
Ghost Helmeta56200Protective Gear
Ghost Bootsa5790Protective Gear
Ghost Glovesa58140Protective Gear
Lion Armora59Protective Gear
Lion Helmeta60200Protective Gear
Lion Bootsa61Protective Gear
Lion Glovesa62140Protective Gear
Demon Robea63480Protective Gear
Demon Circleta64200Protective Gear
Demon Shoesa65140Protective Gear
Demon Bracersa66140Protective Gear
Divine Robea67480Protective Gear
Divine Circleta68200Protective Gear
Divine Shoesa69140Protective Gear
Divine Bracersa70140Protective Gear
Storm Cloaka7130Cape
Durable Cloaka72Cape
Blessed Cloaka7330Cape
Hiking Jara74Special Equippable
Hiking Baga75Special Equippable
Stick of Wisdoma7610Special Equippable
Council Armora78510Protective Gear
Council Helmeta79210Protective Gear
Council Bootsa80155Protective Gear
Council Gauntletsa81155Protective Gear
Council Shielda82220Weapon
Griffin Armora83Protective Gear
Griffin Helmeta84210Protective Gear
Griffin Bootsa85155Protective Gear
Griffin Glovesa86155Protective Gear
Celestial Armora87510Protective Gear
Celestial Helmeta88210Protective Gear
Celestial Bootsa89155Protective Gear
Celestial Bracersa90155Protective Gear
Zombie Chestch1Misc
Cocoa Powdere11Resource
Witchling Robe (Event Item)e101Protective Gear
Witchling Circlet (Event Item)e102Protective Gear
Witchling Shoes (Event Item)e103Protective Gear
Witchling Bracers (Event Item)e104Protective Gear
Witch Robe (Event Item)e105Protective Gear
Witch Circlet (Event Item)e106Protective Gear
Witch Shoes (Event Item)e107Protective Gear
Witch Bracers (Event Item)e108Protective Gear
Walker Armor (Event Gear)e109Protective Gear
Walker Helmet (Event Gear)e110Protective Gear
Walker Boots (Event Gear)e111Protective Gear
Walker Gauntlets (Event Gear)e112Protective Gear
Walker Shield (Event Gear)e113Weapon
Zombie Armor (Event Gear)e114480Protective Gear
Zombie Helmet (Event Gear)e115Protective Gear
Zombie Boots (Event Gear)e116140Protective Gear
Zombie Gauntlets (Event Gear)e117140Protective Gear
Zombie Shield (Event Gear)e118Weapon
Imp Robe (Event Item)e119Protective Gear
Imp Circlet (Event Item)e120Protective Gear
Imp Shoes (Event Item)e121Protective Gear
Imp Bracers (Event Item)e122Protective Gear
Demon Robe (Event Item)e123Protective Gear
Demon Circlet (Event Item)e124Protective Gear
Demon Shoes (Event Item)e125Protective Gear
Demon Bracers (Event Item)e126Protective Gear
Manwolf Armor (Event Item)e127Protective Gear
Manwolf Helmet (Event Gear)e128Protective Gear
Manwolf Boots (Event Item)e129Protective Gear
Manwolf Gloves (Event Gear)e130Protective Gear
Werewolf Armor (Event Item)e131Protective Gear
Werewolf Helmet (Event Gear)e132200Protective Gear
Werewolf Boots (Event Item)e133Protective Gear
Werewolf Gloves (Event Item)e134Protective Gear
Fleder Armor (Event Item)e135Protective Gear
Fleder Helmet (Event Item)e136Protective Gear
Fleder Boots (Event Item)e137Protective Gear
Fleder Gloves (Event Item)e138Protective Gear
Nosferatu Armor (Event Gear)e139Protective Gear
Nosferatu Helmet (Event Item)e140Protective Gear
Nosferatu Boots (Event Item)e141Protective Gear
Nosferatu Gloves (Event Item)e142Protective Gear
Witchling Staff (Event Item)e143Weapon
War Club (Event Gear)e144Weapon
Imp Bow (Event Item)e145Weapon
Imp Whip (Event Item)e146Weapon
Manwolf Knife (Event Gear)e147Weapon
Fleder Scimitar (Event Item)e148Weapon
Witch Staff (Event Item)e149Weapon
Walker Club (Event Gear)e150Weapon
Demon Bow (Event Item)e151Weapon
Demon Whip (Event Item)e152Weapon
Werewolf Knife (Event Gear)e153Weapon
Nosferatu Rapier (Event Item)e154Weapon
Vague Belle155Special Equippable
Hat of Pretendere156Protective Gear
Scroll EnhancerenhMisc
Evil Spirits Totemest50Special Equippable
Force stonefst1Misc
Guild bannergwbMisc
Timeless Jadehw102Misc
Shadow Bloodstonehw104Misc
Void Emeraldhw107Misc
Champion Bladek0110Piece of Equipment
Trident Bladek02Piece of Equipment
Hunter Shaftk0310Piece of Equipment
War Hammer Headk04Piece of Equipment
Hunter Bladek05Piece of Equipment
Order Armor Piecek06Piece of Equipment
Order Helmet Fragmentk0710Piece of Equipment
Order Boots Partk08Piece of Equipment
Order Gauntlets Partk09Piece of Equipment
Order Shield Partk10Piece of Equipment
Assault Cape Partk100Piece of Equipment
Craftsman Apron Partk101Piece of Equipment
Stoneskin Cloak Partk102Piece of Equipment
Hunter Armor Partk1110Piece of Equipment
Hunter Helmet Fragmentk1210Piece of Equipment
Hunter Boots Partk1310Piece of Equipment
Hunter Gloves Partk1410Piece of Equipment
Clarity Robe Piecek15Piece of Equipment
Clarity Circlet Fragmentk16Piece of Equipment
Clarity Shoes Partk17Piece of Equipment
Clarity Bracers Partk18Piece of Equipment
Thundersoul Bladek19Piece of Equipment
Doomblade Bladek20Piece of Equipment
Eclipse Bladek21Piece of Equipment
Guard's Bladek2210Piece of Equipment
King's Defender Bladek2310Piece of Equipment
Raging Lance Bladek24Piece of Equipment
Composite Bow Shaftk25Piece of Equipment
Lightning Bow Shaftk26Piece of Equipment
Hailstorm Bow Shaftk27Piece of Equipment
Imperial Axe Headk28Piece of Equipment
Skull Crusher Headk29Piece of Equipment
Dragon Mace Headk30Piece of Equipment
Ghost Bladek31Piece of Equipment
Lion Bladek32Piece of Equipment
Crusader Armor Piecek33Piece of Equipment
Crusader Helmet Fragmentk34Piece of Equipment
Crusader Boots Partk35Piece of Equipment
Crusader Gauntlets Partk36Piece of Equipment
Crusader Shield Partk37Piece of Equipment
Royal Armor Piecek38Piece of Equipment
Royal Helmet Fragmentk39Piece of Equipment
Royal Boots Partk40Piece of Equipment
Royal Gauntlets Partk41Piece of Equipment
Royal Shield Partk42Piece of Equipment
Ghost Armor Partk43Piece of Equipment
Ghost Helmet Fragmentk44Piece of Equipment
Ghost Boots Partk45Piece of Equipment
Ghost Gloves Partk46Piece of Equipment
Lion Armor Partk47Piece of Equipment
Lion Helmet Fragmentk48Piece of Equipment
Lion Boots Partk49Piece of Equipment
Lion Gloves Partk50Piece of Equipment
Demon Robe Piecek51Piece of Equipment
Demon Circlet Fragmentk52Piece of Equipment
Demon Shoes Partk53Piece of Equipment
Demon Bracers Partk54Piece of Equipment
Divine Robe Piecek55Piece of Equipment
Divine Circlet Fragmentk56Piece of Equipment
Divine Shoes Partk57Piece of Equipment
Divine Bracers Partk58Piece of Equipment
Storm Cloak Partk59Piece of Equipment
Durable Cloak Partk60Piece of Equipment
Blessed Cloak Partk61Piece of Equipment
Council Armor Partk78Piece of Equipment
Council Helmet Partk79Piece of Equipment
Council Boots Partk80Piece of Equipment
Council Gauntlets Partk8110Piece of Equipment
Council Shield Partk82Piece of Equipment
Griffin Armor Partk83Piece of Equipment
Griffin Helmet Partk84Piece of Equipment
Griffin Boots Partk85Piece of Equipment
Griffin Gloves Partk86Piece of Equipment
Celestial Armor Partk87Piece of Equipment
Celestial Helmet Partk88Piece of Equipment
Celestial Boots Partk89Piece of Equipment
Celestial Bracers Partk90Piece of Equipment
Griffin Knife Partk91Piece of Equipment
Minotaur Sword Partk92Piece of Equipment
Phoenix Sword Partk93Piece of Equipment
Heavy Fauchard Partk94Piece of Equipment
Guisarme Partk95Piece of Equipment
Meteor Bow Partk96Piece of Equipment
Nightfall Bow Partk97Piece of Equipment
Black Morningstar Partk98Piece of Equipment
Maiming Bulawa Partk99Piece of Equipment
Vial of Ragep01Consumable
Potion of Ragep02Consumable
Bottle of Ragep03Consumable
Vial of Peacep041Consumable
Potion of Peacep051Consumable
Bottle of Peacep061Consumable
Vial of Greedp07Consumable
Potion of Greedp08Consumable
Bottle of Greedp09Consumable
Vial of Naturep10Consumable
Potion of Naturep11Consumable
Bottle of Naturep12Consumable
Vial of Manap13Consumable
Potion of Manap14Consumable
Bottle of Manap15Consumable
Vial of Twilightp161Consumable
Potion of Twilightp17Consumable
Bottle of Twilightp18Consumable
Vial of Morphp19Consumable
Potion of Morphp20Consumable
Bottle of Morphp21Consumable
Vial of Healthp221Consumable
Potion of Healthp231Consumable
Bottle of Healthp241Consumable
Champion Sword Reciper0110Recipe (Item)
Trident Reciper0210Recipe (Item)
Hunter Bow Reciper0310Recipe (Item)
War Hammer Reciper0410Recipe (Item)
Hunter Dagger Reciper0510Recipe (Item)
Order Armor Reciper0610Recipe (Item)
Order Helmet Reciper0710Recipe (Item)
Order Boots Reciper0810Recipe (Item)
Order Gauntlets Reciper0910Recipe (Item)
Order Shield Reciper1010Recipe (Item)
Assault Cape Reciper100Recipe (Item)
Craftsman Apron Reciper101Recipe (Item)
Stoneskin Cloak Reciper102Recipe (Item)
Hunter Armor Reciper1110Recipe (Item)
Hunter Helmet Reciper1210Recipe (Item)
Hunter Boots Reciper1310Recipe (Item)
Hunter Gloves Reciper1410Recipe (Item)
Clarity Robe Reciper1510Recipe (Item)
Clarity Circlet Reciper1610Recipe (Item)
Clarity Shoes Reciper1710Recipe (Item)
Clarity Bracers Reciper1810Recipe (Item)
Thundersoul Sword Reciper1910Recipe (Item)
Doomblade Sword Reciper2010Recipe (Item)
Eclipse Reciper2110Recipe (Item)
Guard's Spear Reciper2210Recipe (Item)
King's Defender Reciper2310Recipe (Item)
Raging Lance Reciper2410Recipe (Item)
Composite Bow Reciper2510Recipe (Item)
Lightning Bow Reciper2610Recipe (Item)
Hailstorm Bow Reciper2710Recipe (Item)
Imperial Axe Reciper2810Recipe (Item)
Skull Crusher Reciper2910Recipe (Item)
Dragon Mace Reciper3010Recipe (Item)
Ghost Dagger Reciper3110Recipe (Item)
Lion Knife Reciper3210Recipe (Item)
Crusader Armor Reciper33Recipe (Item)
Crusader Helmet Reciper3410Recipe (Item)
Crusader Boots Reciper3510Recipe (Item)
Crusader Gauntlets Reciper3610Recipe (Item)
Crusader Shield Reciper3710Recipe (Item)
Royal Armor Reciper3810Recipe (Item)
Royal Helmet Reciper3910Recipe (Item)
Royal Boots Reciper4010Recipe (Item)
Royal Gauntlets Reciper4110Recipe (Item)
Royal Shield Reciper4210Recipe (Item)
Ghost Armor Reciper4310Recipe (Item)
Ghost Helmet Reciper4410Recipe (Item)
Ghost Boots Reciper4510Recipe (Item)
Ghost Gloves Reciper4610Recipe (Item)
Lion Armor Reciper47Recipe (Item)
Lion Helmet Reciper4810Recipe (Item)
Lion Boots Reciper4910Recipe (Item)
Lion Gloves Reciper5010Recipe (Item)
Demon Robe Reciper5110Recipe (Item)
Demon Circlet Reciper5210Recipe (Item)
Demon Shoes Reciper5310Recipe (Item)
Demon Bracers Reciper5410Recipe (Item)
Divine Robe Reciper5510Recipe (Item)
Divine Circlet Reciper5610Recipe (Item)
Divine Shoes Reciper5710Recipe (Item)
Divine Bracers Reciper5810Recipe (Item)
Storm Cloak Reciper5910Recipe (Item)
Durable Cloak Reciper6010Recipe (Item)
Blessed Cloak Reciper6110Recipe (Item)
Council Armor Reciper78Recipe (Item)
Council Helmet Reciper79Recipe (Item)
Council Boots Reciper80Recipe (Item)
Council Gauntlets Reciper81Recipe (Item)
Council Shield Reciper82Recipe (Item)
Griffin Armor Reciper83Recipe (Item)
Griffin Helmet Reciper84Recipe (Item)
Griffin Boots Reciper85Recipe (Item)
Griffin Gloves Reciper86Recipe (Item)
Celestial Armor Reciper87Recipe (Item)
Celestial Helmet Reciper88Recipe (Item)
Celestial Boots Reciper89Recipe (Item)
Celestial Bracers Reciper90Recipe (Item)
Griffin Knife Reciper91Recipe (Item)
Minotaur Sword Reciper92Recipe (Item)
Phoenix Sword Reciper93Recipe (Item)
Heavy Fauchard Reciper94Recipe (Item)
Guisarme Reciper95Recipe (Item)
Meteor Bow Reciper96Recipe (Item)
Nightfall Bow Reciper97Recipe (Item)
Black Morningstar Reciper98Recipe (Item)
Maiming Bulawa Reciper99Recipe (Item)
Scroll of Peace (Blue)s06Misc
Test Scrolls0691Misc
Rare Scroll of Peace (Blue)s16Misc
Bronze Aries ring (Eagle)s2bSpecial Equippable
Gold Aries ring (Wolf)s2gSpecial Equippable
Silver Aries ring (Dragon)s2sSpecial Equippable
Bronze Taurus amulet (Eagle)s3bSpecial Equippable
Gold Taurus amulet (Dragon)s3gSpecial Equippable
Silver Taurus amulet (Wolf)s3sSpecial Equippable
Loyalty TrophytltMisc
Wooden Swordw01Weapon
Short Swordw02Weapon
Long Swordw03180Weapon
Widow Swordw04Weapon
Knight's Swordw05Weapon
Elven Swordw06Weapon
Short Spearw08Weapon
Long Spearw09Weapon
Elven Spearw11Weapon
Kitchen Knifew13Weapon
Battle Knifew14Weapon
Steel Daggerw15Weapon
Silver Daggerw16Weapon
Mithril Daggerw17180Weapon
Short Boww18Weapon
Wooden Boww19Weapon
Long Boww20Weapon
Elven Boww21Weapon
Forest Boww22Weapon
Bone Clubw24Weapon
Heavy Clubw25Weapon
Steel Axew26Weapon
Mithril Axew27Weapon
Champion Swordw28180Weapon
Hunter Boww30Weapon
War Hammerw31180Weapon
Hunter Daggerw32180Weapon
Thundersoul Swordw33200Weapon
Doomblade Swordw34Weapon
Guard's Spearw36200Weapon
King's Defenderw37Weapon
Raging Lancew38200Weapon
Composite Boww39200Weapon
Lightning Boww40200Weapon
Hailstorm Boww41200Weapon
Imperial Axew42Weapon
Skull Crusherw43Weapon
Dragon Macew44200Weapon
Ghost Daggerw45Weapon
Lion Knifew46200Weapon
Griffin Knifew91Weapon
Minotaur Swordw92220Weapon
Phoenix Swordw93220Weapon
Heavy Fauchardw94Weapon
Meteor Boww96220Weapon
Nightfall Boww97220Weapon
Black Morningstarw98Weapon
Maiming Bulawaw99Weapon

Legacy List

Legacy master list of codes, previously manually maintained (collapsed, click "Expand" to show). It is currently not up-to-date!


  • u001 onwards are for enchanted and specials items in guild warehouse.
  • u100 to u121 are for enchanted and special items in player's storage.
- Number range is not restricted to maximum number of 121 only.
- There is evidence that the range reached u121.
- The u series of ID varies depending on the location (storage) of the item.
- Signed V. Card starts with ID u. It can be deposited into guild warehouse, but is weightless.
- Enchanted equipment and weapon has the same weight as their unenchanted counterparts. However, wrapping required might be different.
  • There is no Moon earloom.

Master List

Stock.png Basic resources
ID Item
01 Thread
02 Stick
03 Pelt
04 Bone
05 Coal
06 Charcoal
07 Powder
08 Iron Ore
09 Cloth
10 Silver Ore
11 Bauxite
12 Cord
13 Magic Stone
14 Wooden Shaft
15 Sapphire
16 Solvent
17 Ruby
18 Hardener
19 Steel
20 Leather
21 Bone Powder
22 String
23 Coke
24 Purified Powder
25 Silver Alloy
27 Steel Mold
28 Silver Mold
29 Blacksmith Frame
30 Artisan Frame
31 Rope
32 Silver Frame
33 Metal Plate
34 Metallic Fiber
35 Crafted Leather
Alchemy resources
ID Item
39 Stinky Sumac
40 Mercy Sassafras
41 Cliff Rue
42 Love Creeper
43 Wolf Root
44 Swamp Lavender
45 White Blossom
46 Ilaves
47 Ephijora
48 Storm Hyssop
49 Cave Garlic
50 Yellow Seed
51 Tecceagrass
52 Spring Bay Leaf
53 Ash Rosemary
54 Sanguine Parsley
55 Sun Tarragon
56 Maccunut
57 Dragon Seed
58 Queen's Pepper
59 Plasma of Abyss
60 Ultramarine Dust
61 Ethereal Bone
62 Itacory
63 Assassin Vine
64 Kloliarway
65 Astrulic
66 Flammia Nut
67 Plexisop
68 Mammoth Dill
69 Silver Dust
Miscellaneous items
ID Item
100 Pog.png Pouch of Gold
501 Wrap.png Wrapping
504 Wooden Arrow
505 Wooden Arrows Pack
506 Bottle of Remedy
507 Remedy Pack
508 Bottle of Poison
509 Poison Pack
510 Steel Arrow
511 Steel Arrows Pack
512 Silver Arrow
513 Silver Arrows Pack
518 Hay
519 Corn
520 Hamsters
521 Cheese
Equipment.png Protective Gear
ID Item
a01 Cloth Jacket
a02 Leather Shirt
a03 Chain Mail
a04 Book-red.png Silver Cuirass
a05 Book-red.png Mithril Armor
a06 Hat
a07 Leather Hood
a08 Steel Helmet
a09 Book-red.png Silver Helmet
a10 Book-red.png Mithril Helmet
a11 Sandals
a12 Leather Shoes
a13 Steel Boots
a14 Book-red.png Silver Boots
a15 Book-red.png Mithril Boots
a16 Gloves (Item)
a17 Leather Gloves
a18 Steel Gauntlets
a19 Book-red.png Silver Gauntlets
a20 Book-red.png Mithril Gauntlets
a21 Wooden Shield
a22 Skeleton Buckler
a23 Bronze Shield
a24 Book-red.png Silver Shield
a25 Book-red.png Mithril Shield
a26 Royal Guard Cape
a27 Book-green.png Order Armor
a28 Book-green.png Order Helmet
a29 Book-green.png Order Boots
a30 Book-green.png Order Gauntlets
a31 Book-green.png Order Shield
a32 Book-green.png Hunter Armor
a33 Book-green.png Hunter Helmet
a34 Book-green.png Hunter Boots
a35 Book-green.png Hunter Gloves
a36 Book-green.png Clarity Robe
a37 Book-green.png Clarity Circlet
a38 Book-green.png Clarity Shoes
a39 Book-green.png Clarity Bracers
a40 Pencil.png Pencil of Truth
a41 Bard's Cape
a45 Book-blue.png Crusader Armor
a46 Book-blue.png Crusader Helmet
a47 Book-blue.png Crusader Boots
a48 Book-blue.png Crusader Gauntlets
a49 Book-blue.png Crusader Shield
a50 Book-blue.png Royal Armor
a51 Book-blue.png Royal Helmet
a52 Book-blue.png Royal Boots
a53 Book-blue.png Royal Gauntlets
a54 Book-blue.png Royal Shield
a55 Book-blue.png Ghost Armor
a56 Book-blue.png Ghost Helmet
a57 Book-blue.png Ghost Boots
a58 Book-blue.png Ghost Gloves
a59 Book-blue.png Lion Armor
a60 Book-blue.png Lion Helmet
a61 Book-blue.png Lion Boots
a62 Book-blue.png Lion Gloves
a63 Book-blue.png Demon Robe
a64 Book-blue.png Demon Circlet
a65 Book-blue.png Demon Shoes
a66 Book-blue.png Demon Bracers
a67 Book-blue.png Divine Robe
a68 Book-blue.png Divine Circlet
a69 Book-blue.png Divine Shoes
a70 Book-blue.png Divine Bracers
a71 Book-blue.png Storm Cloak
a72 Book-blue.png Durable Cloak
a73 Book-blue.png Blessed Cloak
a75 Hiking Bag
Event items
ID Item
e1 Cocoa Powder
e2 Egg
e3 Flour
e4 Milk
e5 Sugar
e6 Cake.png Cake
e7 Cake.png Special Cake
e8 Cake.png Rare Cake
e9 Chocolate.png Chocolate
Pieces of Equipment
ID Item
k01 Champion Blade
k02 Trident Blade
k03 Hunter Shaft
k04 War Hammer Head
k05 Hunter Blade
k06 Order Armor Piece
k07 Order Helmet Fragment
k08 Order Boots Part
k09 Order Gauntlets Part
k10 Order Shield Part
k11 Hunter Armor Part
k12 Hunter Helmet Fragment
k13 Hunter Boots Part
k14 Hunter Gloves Part
k15 Clarity Robe Piece
k16 Clarity Circlet Fragment
k17 Clarity Shoes Part
k18 Clarity Bracers Part
k19 Thundersoul Blade
k20 Doomblade Blade
k21 Eclipse Blade
k22 Guard's Blade
k23 King's Defender Blade
k24 Raging Lance Blade
k25 Composite Bow Shaft
k26 Lightning Bow Shaft
k27 Hailstorm Bow Shaft
k28 Imperial Axe Head
k29 Skull Crusher Head
k30 Dragon Mace Head
k31 Ghost Blade
k32 Lion Blade
k33 Crusader Armor Piece
k34 Crusader Helmet Fragment
k35 Crusader Boots Part
k36 Crusader Gauntlets Part
k37 Crusader Shield Part
k38 Royal Armor Piece
k39 Royal Helmet Fragment
k40 Royal Boots Part
k41 Royal Gauntlets Part
k42 Royal Shield Part
k43 Ghost Armor Part
k44 Ghost Helmet Fragment
k45 Ghost Boots Part
k46 Ghost Gloves Part
k47 Lion Armor Part
k48 Lion Helmet Fragment
k49 Lion Boots Part
k50 Lion Gloves Part
k51 Demon Robe Piece
k52 Demon Circlet Fragment
k53 Demon Shoes Part
k54 Demon Bracers Part
k55 Divine Robe Piece
k56 Divine Circlet Fragment
k57 Divine Shoes Part
k58 Divine Bracers Part
k59 Storm Cloak Part
k60 Durable Cloak Part
k61 Blessed Cloak Part
ID Item
p01 Vial of Rage
p02 Potion of Rage
p03 Bottle of Rage
p04 Vial of Peace
p05 Potion of Peace
p06 Bottle of Peace
p07 Vial of Greed
p08 Potion of Greed
p09 Bottle of Greed
p10 Vial of Nature
p11 Potion of Nature
p12 Bottle of Nature
p13 Vial of Mana
p14 Potion of Mana
p15 Bottle of Mana
p16 Vial of Twilight
p17 Potion of Twilight
p18 Bottle of Twilight
p19 Vial of Morph
p20 Potion of Morph
p21 Bottle of Morph
pl1 Vial of Oblivion
pl3 Bottle of Oblivion
Recipe.png Recipes (Items)
ID Item
r01 Recipe.png Champion Sword Recipe
r02 Recipe.png Trident Recipe
r03 Recipe.png Hunter Bow Recipe
r04 Recipe.png War Hammer Recipe
r05 Recipe.png Hunter Dagger Recipe
r06 Recipe.png Order Armor Recipe
r07 Recipe.png Order Helmet Recipe
r08 Recipe.png Order Boots Recipe
r09 Recipe.png Order Gauntlets Recipe
r10 Recipe.png Order Shield Recipe
r11 Recipe.png Hunter Armor Recipe
r12 Recipe.png Hunter Helmet Recipe
r13 Recipe.png Hunter Boots Recipe
r14 Recipe.png Hunter Gloves Recipe
r15 Recipe.png Clarity Robe Recipe
r16 Recipe.png Clarity Circlet Recipe
r17 Recipe.png Clarity Shoes Recipe
r18 Recipe.png Clarity Bracers Recipe
r19 Recipe.png Thundersoul Sword Recipe
r20 Recipe.png Doomblade Sword Recipe
r21 Recipe.png Eclipse Recipe
r22 Recipe.png Guard's Spear Recipe
r23 Recipe.png King's Defender Recipe
r24 Recipe.png Raging Lance Recipe
r25 Recipe.png Composite Bow Recipe
r26 Recipe.png Lightning Bow Recipe
r27 Recipe.png Hailstorm Bow Recipe
r28 Recipe.png Imperial Axe Recipe
r29 Recipe.png Skull Crusher Recipe
r30 Recipe.png Dragon Mace Recipe
r31 Recipe.png Ghost Dagger Recipe
r32 Recipe.png Lion Knife Recipe
r33 Recipe.png Crusader Armor Recipe
r34 Recipe.png Crusader Helmet Recipe
r35 Recipe.png Crusader Boots Recipe
r36 Recipe.png Crusader Gauntlets Recipe
r37 Recipe.png Crusader Shield Recipe
r38 Recipe.png Royal Armor Recipe
r39 Recipe.png Royal Helmet Recipe
r40 Recipe.png Royal Boots Recipe
r41 Recipe.png Royal Gauntlets Recipe
r42 Recipe.png Royal Shield Recipe
r43 Recipe.png Ghost Armor Recipe
r44 Recipe.png Ghost Helmet Recipe
r45 Recipe.png Ghost Boots Recipe
r46 Recipe.png Ghost Gloves Recipe
r47 Recipe.png Lion Armor Recipe
r48 Recipe.png Lion Helmet Recipe
r49 Recipe.png Lion Boots Recipe
r50 Recipe.png Lion Gloves Recipe
r51 Recipe.png Demon Robe Recipe
r52 Recipe.png Demon Circlet Recipe
r53 Recipe.png Demon Shoes Recipe
r54 Recipe.png Demon Bracers Recipe
r55 Recipe.png Divine Robe Recipe
r56 Recipe.png Divine Circlet Recipe
r57 Recipe.png Divine Shoes Recipe
r58 Recipe.png Divine Bracers Recipe
r59 Recipe.png Storm Cloak Recipe
r60 Recipe.png Durable Cloak Recipe
r61 Recipe.png Blessed Cloak Recipe
ID Item
w01 Wooden Sword
w02 Short Sword
w03 Long Sword
w04 Widow Sword
w05 Book-red.png Knight's Sword
w06 Book-red.png Elven Sword
w07 Book-red.png Rapier
w08 Short Spear
w09 Long Spear
w10 Lance
w11 Book-red.png Elven Spear
w12 Book-red.png Halberd
w13 Kitchen Knife
w14 Battle Knife
w15 Steel Dagger
w16 Book-red.png Silver Dagger
w17 Book-red.png Mithril Dagger
w18 Short Bow
w19 Wooden Bow
w20 Long Bow
w21 Book-red.png Elven Bow
w22 Book-red.png Forest Bow
w23 Club
w24 Bone Club
w25 Heavy Club
w26 Book-red.png Steel Axe
w27 Book-red.png Mithril Axe
w28 Book-green.png Champion Sword
w29 Book-green.png Trident
w30 Book-green.png Hunter Bow
w31 Book-green.png War Hammer
w32 Book-green.png Hunter Dagger
w33 Book-blue.png Thundersoul Sword
w34 Book-blue.png Doomblade Sword
w35 Book-blue.png Eclipse
w36 Book-blue.png Guard's Spear
w37 Book-blue.png King's Defender
w38 Book-blue.png Raging Lance
w39 Book-blue.png Composite Bow
w40 Book-blue.png Lightning Bow
w41 Book-blue.png Hailstorm Bow
w42 Book-blue.png Imperial Axe
w43 Book-blue.png Skull Crusher
w44 Book-blue.png Dragon Mace
w45 Book-blue.png Ghost Dagger
w46 Book-blue.png Lion Knife
Enchantment.png Enchantment scrolls
ID Item
s01 Book-red.png Scroll of Rage (Red)
s02 Book-red.png Scroll of Peace (Red)
s03 Book-green.png Scroll of Rage (Green)
s04 Book-green.png Scroll of Peace (Green)
s05 Book-blue.png Scroll of Rage (Blue)
s06 Book-blue.png Scroll of Peace (Blue)
s07 Bookorange.png Scroll of Rage (Orange)[future item]
s08 Bookorange.png Scroll of Peace (Orange)[future item]
s11 Book-red.png Rare Scroll of Rage (Red)
s12 Book-red.png Rare Scroll of Peace (Red)
s13 Book-green.png Rare Scroll of Rage (Green)
s14 Book-green.png Rare Scroll of Peace (Green)
s15 Book-blue.png Rare Scroll of Rage (Blue)
s16 Book-blue.png Rare Scroll of Peace (Blue)
s17 Bookorange.png Rare Scroll of Rage (Orange)[future item]
s18 Bookorange.png Rare Scroll of Peace (Orange)[future item]
ID Item
bx1 Present.png Assistant Box
bx3 Zombie Box
ch1 Zombie Chest
er Elder's Recommendation
hk Hunter Kit
key Key.png Key
pap Accuracy Pill
pgs Garlic Stew
phw Holy Water
pmp Monster Pheromones
psb Silver Blood
pvd Vial of Defiance
tch Torch
tde Deer.png Deerhorn Earloom
tdr Dragon.png Dragonscale Earloom
thi Eagle.png Highnest Earloom
tlt Loyalty Trophy
tpo Potato.png Potato Earloom
tsh Shark.png Sharkteeth Earloom
two Wolf.png Wolfpack Earloom
vc ValentinesCard.png Valentine's Card
u001-u121 enchanted/special items/signed VC