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The Lance is a Weapon of the type Spear.


Popular among horse riding Princes of the castle, the long, thin rod is great for spearing at high speeds. Sadly, you aren't a Prince. A 5 foot pole decorated with white and red paint in a twisting motion reminds you of the yearly parades. Great for forcing an enemy to keep their distance, a user is easily overwhelmed if the gap is closed.


Properties of Lance
Identifier code w10
Type Weapon, Spear, T0 (No Expertise)
Weight 180
Depositable in Guild (needed Wrapping) yes (1)
Event item no
Craftable no
Tradeable (Auction) yes
Shop prices (buy / sell) 976link={{{link}}} / 292link={{{link}}}
Attribute Value
Attack +11 link={{{link}}}
Defense +5 link={{{link}}}
Mana +0 link={{{link}}}
Skill Spear Mastery
Level Requirement 0
Enchantment Slot no