👹Evil Spirits Totem

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link={{{link}}} Info: 👹Evil Spirits Totem
Corresponding Skill Crafting (Skill)
Skill level required 0
Mana 10 Mana.png
Chatcommand /craft_est
Ingredient (ID) Amount
Silver Ore (10) 15
Powder (07) 10
Stick (02) 5
Coke (23) 1
Thread (01) 1

The 👹Evil Spirits Totem is a Special Equippable.


Properties of 👹Evil Spirits Totem
Identifier code est
Type Special Equippable,
Depositable in Guild no
Event item yes
Craftable yes
Tradeable (Auction) ??
Shop prices (buy / sell) Can't be bought / Can't be sold
Attribute Value
Attack +?? link={{{link}}}
Defense +?? link={{{link}}}
Mana +?? link={{{link}}}
Skill -
Level Requirement
Enchantment Slot no


The 👹Evil Spirits Totem can be crafted with the skill Crafting (Skill) on level 0.

This is possible for every player above level 10.

Bill of Materials

Basic resources sum:
15x Silver Ore
10x Powder
5x Stick
3x Charcoal
3x Coal
1x Thread
Mana Cost: 20link={{{link}}} (Ingredients: 10link={{{link}}} / Item: 10link={{{link}}})

Total stock weight of basic resources: 52link={{{link}}}, stock weight of finished item: ??link={{{link}}}